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All the Necessary Bubble Knowledge
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Knock Emball Sessions in Seattle, Wa

Like with any sport, Knock emball™ activities also require a brief orientation to get familiar with the product. The Seattle Knock emball team, has all the necessary bubble knowledge to get you started on this fantastic game. You can play bubble soccer, last Knock’ em standing, British bulldog and more with our bubble rentals.

What happens during a Knock emball™ session? Most of the photos and video's you'll see for Knock emball™ events are what you'd refer to as 'bubble soccer'. If you watch those videos, you'll realize that the 'soccer' aspect gets a whole lot less attention than the players bashing and knocking each other.

Knock emball sessions in Seattle, WA are 60 minutes long and the first portion will involve a quick orientation for everyone to get familiar with the Knock'emball™ itself. You will get basic instructions, do's and don’ts, safety reminders, and discuss the activities to be played.

While 'bubble soccer' or 'bubble ball' is a blast, we can also spend time doing things such as 'human bowling', a 'red rover' equivalent, and a 'sumo style' tournament where several people enter an area and the last person left inside wins. 

We also have a one-on-one collision game that makes for a great photo or video souvenir to show your friends

With the weight of the knock emball and all the physical activity, most participants find themselves very worn out after just two to three minutes. Our session will allow for enough participants to switch out every so and so often and allow breaks for one another.

There will always be a Seattle Knock emball representative present to run the session and their authority is to be respected for the safety of participants, our materials, and the facility.


Bubble Ball Soccer

Similar to Soccer but without a goalie. Time determined on game-day group and staff recommendation.

Last Knock em Standing

Referee blows the whistle and every man is for himself. Once a player is taken off theis feet they leave the field until the next round. Last bubble ball on the field is the winner!

British Bulldog

One person stands in the center of the field. Everyone else starts on one side of the court. When the whistle is blown, all players on the side run to the other side. The player in the middle tries to knock the players down. If someone in knocked down that player must join the player who started in the middle. Continue until only ONE player is left, who is the winner!

Knock emall Dodgeball

Just like the classic but this time you can hide behind the Knock emballs and catch the ball off a Knock emball to get your team mates back in the game.

King of the Ring

Make a circle of cones. Blow a whistle. Everyone tries to bump each other outside of the circle. Last person in the circle wins!

Knock emball Stack EM

Two teams will compete in trying to bounce a small inflatable ball inside of a Knock emball, once one goes in you stack another Knock emball on top of that one and repeat until the first team reach 3 Knock emball stack on top of one another.

Free Play

When you just want to roll around, do flips, challenge a friend or just relax and chill laying across a Knock emball, resting from all the fun you're having.