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The Place To Go For Knock’emball™ Fun in Seattle, WA

There’s nothing more enjoyable than Knock’emball™! But, like with any sport, it requires a brief orientation to familiarize yourself with the rules before you can begin having Knock’emball fun in Seattle, WA. The Seattle Knock’emballs team knows everything you need to get started playing this high-energy game. Call now for more information about our bubble rentals and hosting a Knock’emball party.

What Happens in a Knock’emball Session?

The majority of pictures and videos you’ll see for Knock’emball events depict what is known as “bubble soccer.” But there’s so much more to Knock’emball than just soccer. If you’ve ever watched a match, you’ll see that fancy footwork is quickly set aside to make room for players (painlessly) bashing and knocking into each other!

 When you hire us for a session, we run a quick orientation to familiarize players with the sport. Our experts go over basic instructions, dos and don’ts, safety reminders, and the activities to be played. There will always be a Seattle Knock’emballs representative present to run the session. Please note that their authority is to be respected for the safety of participants, our materials, and the facility.

 Due to the physical nature of Knock’emball, most participants find themselves worn out after only a few minutes. Our sessions allow for enough participants to switch out often for breaks.


While ‘bubble soccer’ is a blast, there’s so much more you can do with Knock’emballs! Choose to play human bowling or host a sumo-style wrestling tournament. We also offer a one-on-one collision game that makes for a fantastic photo opportunity.

Bubble Ball Soccer

Just like soccer-but with large bubbles and no goalie! Game lengths are determined on the day, depending on the staff recommendation.

Last Knock em Standing

When the referee blows the whistle, it’s every man and woman for themselves. The last bubble ball on the field is the winner!

British Bulldog

Enjoy this classic game enhanced by a horde of Knock’emballs! One player starts in the middle of the field and tries to knock players down to join his or her team. Play resumes until only one person remains uncaptured.

Knock'emall Dodgeball

Experience dodgeball with a twist! This is just like the game you love, but with more bubbles and opportunities for fun.

King of the Ring

This game is simple. Make a circle, blow the whistle, and watch as everyone tries to bump each other out of the circle. The last person remaining is the King (or Queen) of the Ring!

Knock'emball Stack EM

Two teams compete to bounce a small inflatable ball inside a Knock’emball. When one bounces in, stack another Knock’emball on top of the first one and try again! The winner is the first team to stack three bubbles on top of each other.

Free Play

Sometimes the best rules are no rules, and Knock’emball is no exception. Roll around, do flips, challenge a friend, or just relax--the choice is up to you!.